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Buzzier out-of-home is a device that connects to any screen in your public domain, becoming an extension of your brand. It enables local news organizations to thrive in today’s digital economy. They are bringing all the tools of the big tech companies to local media by allowing advertisers to have complete control over their campaigns by engaging customers and keeping those ad dollars local, where they are needed most.

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NBQ Media helped to develop effective marketing strategies to get local businesses involved in Buzzier. We helped the client to develop a creative plan of action to increase sales and brand reach. Our team created the new social media accounts for Buzzier, and is managing those accounts.  

Our team wrote a series of blogs about the importance of local newspapers in communities. The local newspaper is one of the most valuable resources for any community, providing news and information on events in their area.  We worked hard to write blogs that would convert their importance any truly demonstrate the 

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