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Parenting on Planes

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Parenting a Toddler Abroad

The author’s travels began in 2015 when she moved to the Caribbean without really knowing anyone there. From that point on, she hasn’t stopped traveling, and has traveled to ten countries & lived in five.

The author started this blog as a way to share travel tips, pieces of advice that she has learned through her life abroad and to share family-friendly activities for various destinations.

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NBQ Media manages the social media accounts of Parenting on Planes across Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Furthermore, we took charge of designing and developing the website for the blog, meticulously crafting every aspect from the graphic design of the logo to the seamless layout of the website. To ensure optimal performance and safeguard valuable content, we conduct regular monthly maintenance, ensuring proper storage and backup protocols are adhered to diligently. As a final touch, we undertake the task of creating and proofreading engaging blog posts, delivering top-quality written content.

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